Guitar Tone Tips #126 & #127

Tone Tip #126:

There are times, although rare, when delay should be turned off.


Tone Tip #127:

Tone Tip #126 is just stupid.


Delay. I mean, splendid. Splendid delay. Mmmmm.

39 thoughts on “Guitar Tone Tips #126 & #127

  1. The only bad thing about delay is that when you mess up, you have to listen to it over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over……………………….

  2. I used to use a Hootie vs Vertical Horizon scale to ask the worship pastor what they were going for. The songs that sound like Hootie can sound bad with delay trails. :)

  3. @ Dan LOL!!! I can’t believe someone else uses/knows Vertical Horizon/Matt Scannel! Ha. He was one of the original Tim/Timmy users (as an aside).

  4. Shouldn’t delays Shouldn’t delays be delays be called be called repeaters? called repeaters? repeaters?

  5. turning delay off gives your ear a chance to catch up. i think its time to turn off delay when the sound becomes mush, other then that all systems go.

  6. Robin–isn’t that how it seems most worship bands think? I mean, they use delay like, all the time! Me, on the other hand……oh, wait. hehe 😉

  7. most of the time it is… when people ask if my dl-4 is keeley modded i just respond with, “why? its never off anyways.”

  8. Personal gripe – as a guitarist and producer…

    Y’know when people add delay, reverb and all that “after the note” gubbins, they often forget to make sure that the guitar tone on its own is any good whatsoever. So, guitarists of the world, delay can be great. Add it AFTER you’ve got your killer sound and Ta-Dah – better delay+guitar sound.

    Plus, delay covers a multitude of sins, if you can’t play it with the delay off, then the delay will just fool you into thinking you’re a decent player. This is after all, exactly why The Edge started using delay, to compensate for playing inadequacies.

    PS – Karl – I know none of the above applies to you [grin]

  9. Hux Capacitor–first off, welcome! And second, extremely good point about having good tone first, and then adding effects. I didn’t get that for years. The delay only sounds good when it’s reproducing an already good sounding tone.

    Now on the delay compensating for playing inadequacies, I agree as well. However, I don’t necessarily think that’s a bad thing. The point for me, in music, is for someone to sound as good as possible. And if it takes a delay pedal to do that, then so be it. I’d rather have a sub-par player give me a great sound with a delay pedal, then a great player give me a sub-par sound without one. Now, is there merit in becoming skilled without delay so that the delayed sound will then add to your skilled sound, as opposed to just covering up your un-skilled sound? Absolutely! But I also think there’s merit in playing the delay for the sake of delay. For instance, maybe this means I’m a terrible player, but I am incapable of creating a trail of dotted quarter notes while I’m moving on to the next passage. Does this mean the delay is covering over my inadequacy to create a trail of dotted quarters while playing something else? Definitely. But it sounds good…so I’m okay with it. So in cases like that, I think it is important to know how to ‘play’ your effects. But you’re right, it’s important to be skilled both with and without effects.

    Anyways, great discussion point brought up, bro!! And great to have you here. I checked out your site, and am about to go listen to some clips! :) Cheers!!

  10. I use it when I want to sound faster than I am – it works…. when playing for someone who doesn’t know what delay is! :)

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