Divided by 13

Please don’t judge me.

I just can’t stop. And not the buying gear part. That part is easy to stop……you just run out of money. But the quest for tone part. Because you can always sell something to buy something better. (Or, well, that you think for that particular hour, is going to be better. Next hour it’ll be something else.) And I’ve always been like this. If a part of me is not good, I literally can’t sleep until it is. I remember in high school, if I had screwed up at soccer practice, I’d literally get out of bed at night and go run drills in the front yard until I was satisfied that I was still a good soccer player. (Ya, I know; I honestly have issues. The few of you who read this for tonal advice or whatever…just remember that the writer might be…well, if you’ve read any of this blog you know; things work differently in my head.) And the same thing with tone…because tone, of course, is an extension of our souls. (I have no theory to back that up; because it would probably fall flat. That’s one of those things I believe because I want it to be true. Like the fact that me, Edge, and Brad Pitt all have coffee every Tuesday (well, they do, I’m too neo-indie for coffee) so that they can glean ideas from me.) If I feel my tone or playing wasn’t where it should’ve been on any given night, I’ll literally get out of bed and go take my rig apart until I’m satisfied and can once again sleep in peace. And I know this sounds weird, but it’s a scientific fact that you need sleep, people.

So after an almost 3 1/2 year love/hate relationship with my Holland AC30 amp head, complete with hating it so much that I buy another amp, but then the Holland still sounds better in an ab test, so then I sell the other amp and beg the Holland to take me back, I finally took the plunge on Monday, went out to Hollywood, and bought a Divided by 13.

(This is on the 10 in LA. That’s the house in the film Heat where DeNiro has to do the humane thing and shoot a wounded brother. So emotional. But I forgot my camera and had to take this with my phone. That’s the house, up there on the left, on the hill, underneath that tree. See it? Ya. I figured not. My camera failure is amazing.)

Now before you say anything, let me set the record straight. A lot of gear comes into my house. I love gear. More than I love most people. However, very little of it stays. I am also very poor, and I have to use my rig to pay for my rig. I was lucky enough to be a bachelor for a while who had two jobs because no girls were ever interested, and I spent all my money on gear (again, because of the no girls being interested thing). So, now that I’m married, and working towards things of greater importance than having more pedals than U2 (I know, what could possibly be more important?), I have to sell something to pay for everything else I want. Which is what makes this decision so hard! I love my Holland. And I’m pretty sure it loves me back. And it’s the only one of its kind Mike Holland ever built, so it’s got that going for it, and that makes it incredibly hard to sell! If I end up in a month wishing I had it back, it’s not like I’ll ever be able to get another one without like, begging the person who ended up buying it off of me. 

(Exhibit A on why girls were uninterested. This is me 5 years ago. One of my heroes was Will Ferrell, as evidenced by the Elf pose. But if you look at my face, obviously one of my heroes was also The Count of Monte Cristo, shown by the worst facial hair sculpting in history. The long hair is also atrocious, although I am jealous of my hair line back then. And I had the indie shirt, which is good, but still with the 1985 glamrock necklace, the 1993 baggie cargo pants, and the 79 cent Wal-Mart sandals that don’t really have a time period. In short, this picture is the ultimate personification of adolescent identity confusion. And at the time, I honestly could not figure out why I couldn’t get a girlfriend. I wonder if I even looked at this picture.)

So this is difficult. But……that Divided by 13 does sound…well, in a word, lovely. And, I bought it from a guy with a sweet studio in a one bedroom apartment tucked away in Studio City, in true ‘underground tone junkie’ fashion; so it’s got that going for it, which almost rivals the fact that the Holland is the only one of its kind. And as of yet, I’m undecided. So before I do the official shootout, I quick snapped some rough, demo videos to help myself decide. Which I always do, but never post them. But I’m really busy right now, and don’t know when I’ll have a chance to do a really good shootout, so I figured these will have to do for now.

The Players

–Holland AC30 (EL84-based) running at 15 watts

–Divided by 13 (KT88-based) running at 23 watts

And the first question is probably why I decided to get a different type of tube than EL84 if I like the Holland so much. Well, the Holland is not your normal Vox clone EL84 amp. It has a good deal more mids and fullness. Almost like EL84 tubes with a Fender Bassman type circuit. And the D13 RSA23 is supposed to be just that. It uses the KT88 tubes and a very unique circuit to supposedly get a Voxy/Bassman-ish sound. So in theory, the two amps should be fairly alike tonally, and this is the tone I’m going for.

Possible Tonal Issues

–Unfortunately, the neighbors were home, so I had to keep it quiet. (I mean, ‘Hooray for neighbors! People are more important than tone.’ ……Wow, I’m a liar.)

–Because of this, I kept the half-power switch on the Holland on, so it was running at 15 watts instead of its full 30. Jerry Blaha did a great job with that mod, and half-power seems to lose absolutely zero tone, but it’s still worth mentioning.

–But the Divided by 13 is very loud, and I haven’t gotten an attenuator in yet, so I did not have the gain quite up to its sweet spot. So hopefully those two things balance out.

–I am switching cabs, so I’ll mention which head is coming out of which for each video.

Possible Biases

–The Holland is my old friend.

–But the Divided by 13 is like the cool kid on the slide who I want to be my new friend.

Clean Tone

Prairiewood Les Paul with Wolfetone Dr. Vintage pickups–>

Loop-Master bypass box–>

Loop-Master bypass box–>
         (–>Damage Control Timeline with extremely slight delay–>

Holland AC30 or D13 RSA23

(Any more delay you hear at given times is another setting on the Timeline.)

The Videos

Video 1:

–Divided by 13 RSA23 into 65 Amps birch cab with Celestion Blue and G12H-30

–Holland AC30 into Heritage pine cab with Jensen P12N

Video 2:

–Holland AC30 into 65 Amps birch cab with Celestion Blue and G12H-30

–Divided by 13 RSA23 into Heritage pine cab with Jensen P12N

Video 3:

–Holland AC30 into 65 Amps birch cab with Celestion Blue and G12H-30

–Divided by 13 into 65 Amps birch cab with Celestion Blue and G12H-30

(And massive props to anyone who can name what riff I’m playing. It’s the riff on one of the tones that continuously haunts me, and as such, I play it nearly every time I try out gear.)

So then. I’m still undecided. I think I might be leaning towards the Divided by 13…seems to be just as warm as the Holland, but maintaining more focus. And maybe some more harmonic stacking/interestingness. But does it really have the girth that the Holland has? Yikes, this is hard. I’m also leaning towards selling all my pedals so that I can keep both amps. I can do all that delay stuff with just my hands, right?

Either way, I’ve tried a good number of amps, and this is the first one that I’ve felt actually keeps up at least with what the Holland has going on (and perhaps even beats it). Of course, that’s not to say that I have the best tone ever. hehe Just the first amp that does for me what the Holland does with my guitar, and my inferior playing. So, huge props to both D13 (I think his name’s Fred…at least that’s what everyone says when they mention D13, like they know him, and I’d definitely like to get in on some of that ‘borrowed cool’) and Mike Holland. 

Oh ya! And then to add more fuel to it, my heritage is from Holland (the actual country), so that’s kind of cool. But Fred (see what I did there? So cool!) builds the D13 amps in LA, and I bought it in Hollywood, and I’d like to think my future heritage will be from Hollywood once I move there after Coldplay picks me up as second guitarist and consultant of all things tone. (Come on now, don’t crush my dreams!) This is a tough one.


54 thoughts on “Divided by 13

  1. well the d13 sounds clearer to me, at least on that last video. its hard to tell to be honest from what I assume is just the mic on the camera, i’d have to hear it in person to pick up the nuances.

    they both sound good really. and if it inspires you to play more i don’t have a problem with that, nothing worse then not wanting to play because you are unhappy with how it sounds.

  2. Kenrick, as a sign of how much I trust you, I’m going to let you make the decision. Divided by 13 it is! hehe Just kidding. But you are right…gotta go with what inspires you to make more music. :)

  3. Such a tough descision! I feel your pain… it would be nice to keep both…
    with just the camera mic to guide i would say that i preferred the D13… just a bit more sparkle that made the ears notice it more – when plugged to the Holland the tone just seemed to lose some “edge” (I am sure losing “edge” is not a good thing… U2 pun intended as he is also the guitarist I would also most like to be, except for maybe Tommy Emmanuel…)
    Is there a way you could keep both? Or does the need for marital happiness step into play?

  4. Man, that’s tough. Personally, I’d keep the Holland, it just seems to have a little more beef to it. The D13 has amazing sparkle to it, though. It all depends on what you’re going for. If you can coax out the beef the Holland gets you with the D13, the D13 would be the winner.

  5. The Fly! How are you playing it? I’ll comment again after listening through the videos! I’m excited!

  6. Cam–oh, I’m trying!! hehe If I sell my other Holland, and a lot of pedals, I just might be able to. The problem is, I actually like where my pedalboard is right now. On the other hand, it’d be really fun to build it back up. hehe It’s a good thing I’m poor and have to sell gear to buy gear, or things would be really bad.

    And I’m in agreement with you on the D13’s sparkle.

    Colty–Hmm, a vote for the Holland. I agree with you on the girth it seems to have. Maybe the D13 will have it when it’s pushed a bit harder after I get an attenuator or play someplace that’s not my apartment? lol This is tough. It might be time to say good-bye to some pedals. Man, I wish I had money. Do people really need two kidneys?

  7. haha Whoa!! 10 points to James!! hehe Sorry to miss that, bro, I must’ve been commenting right as you were. His tone on that seriously haunts me; I’m always trying to find it! Massive props on that, brother…I’d hug you, but that’d be weird.

  8. Karl, can you do a clip with nice ringing G’s and C’s? Something that lets the full body ring out?

  9. Karl- I’d sell all of my crap to get nice gear, but I don’t have any crap to sell. I’d shoot for selling some phasers or that POG if you still have it, while those effects are neat, they don’t have much place in “normal” music. I mean, the Edge doesn’t have a POG, does he?

    My youth pastor buys gear and sells it for profit on eBay all the time, so there’s a way to get some cash. I also secretly think that he traffics drugs, but that’s just a theory.

  10. As usual, the answer to your dilemma is to send your Holland to me for save keeping…I promise to give it back :)

    Seriously, I think the 13 is the winner.

    As an aside, I picked up a Super Champ XD and those new Vox AC4’s. I may do a shoot-out for those of us shopping in a different pricerange :)…anyone interested?

    Thanks for posting these; tons of fun!!

  11. Karl,

    It’s gonna eat at you. You won’t be able to sleep. Your mind will wander during sermons and conversations with your wife. Save your soul, save your marriage, and save your health. Buy it! You know it’s gonna happen anyway.

  12. hey man i know im new to this guitar thing but ive been listening to music my whole life and done sound for a little while. i love the holland because you play with it at church( or is that a different on anyway) and it sounds great but i like how that 13 sounds it just has something that the holland does not.

    i dont know just my thoughts.

  13. I like the D13 with the 65 amps cab. Hard to really tell from the videos. Does it sound as good/better than the holland with OD and Fuzz?

  14. I was thinking along the lines of Ryan – you really need to post a vid with both heads with the same cab with the rest of your rig…

  15. i like the d13 better somehow based on the videos. but it’s hard to tell as i didn’t hear you play full/complex chords and different rhythm styles. it would be nice to hear that, too! so post more videos, another excuse to plug-in and play 😀

  16. Yeah, D13— just in what you played, there was more weight and depth in notes. Carried more. A bit more “haunting” on some of the licks you were playing.

    Wow. I’ve been gassing for a new amp for awhile. Stop!!

  17. After listening to the third clip again (with the same cab), I prefer the Holland. The 13 seems softer to me.

  18. First off, apologies for the admittedly ultra-lame videos. The neighbor children (apartments suck) were sleeping, so I didn’t dare ring out full chords, and instead just played timid, weird stuff. Proper videos are on their way. I shouldn’t have posted these, as I like to pretend that I never record lame videos, but where would the fun be in that? 😉 Just take that same riff I play over and over again, and embrace it! lol

    James–yep, these videos definitely suck. I didn’t do any ringing chords because I was so afraid of waking up the neighbor kids. (Apartment complexes, man. hehe) I definitely need to get some proper demo videos up soon.

    Colty–great ideas; that’s exactly what I’m thinking…although unfortunately, the POG is already gone. And your youth pastor comment was really funny!

    Steven–D13 vote. Cool. And loved your shootout! That AC4 sounds like a killer little amp.

    Mark–haha You’re so right!!

    Jon–great to hear from you, brother! ‘Just a little something that the other one does not.’ Spoken like a true guitarist! :)

    Ryan–will do! 65 did a great job with their construction on that model.

    James–D13 vote. Cool.

    Ryan–unfortunately, with the neighbors sleeping, I couldn’t turn on any drives. Actually, I did accidentally hit my fuzz instead of the mute switch when playing through the Divided by 13, and it took about 30 seconds for my heart-rate to get back to normal. hehe

    Cam–absolutely! They’re coming! This was just cheeseball little demos for myself that I usually never post…but I couldn’t wait this time. hehe

    Rhoy–hehe Yep! It was probably a mistake to even post these before I do the real stuff, but oh well. hehe I was just so worried about how loud they would be as I don’t have an attenuator for the D13 yet, and it has no master volume or half power switch. So that’s the reason for just picking little random riff junk. You can’t tell in the videos, but my pick attack was next to nothing; I really wasn’t driving the inputs properly either. Sorry for the lameness! Real ones will come soon!

    Larry–D13 vote. Ya, I’m pretty stoked right now that I’m actually finding something that’s giving the Holland a run for its money, at least in my opinion. Some people hate Holland and would say plugging straiht into the board would give the Holland a run for its money. lol 😉 And yes, you should get one. :)

    James–you voted for the D13 and the Holland! That is not helpful! lol :)

  19. I am laying it on the altar right now (as my role as wife to the electric guitar guy in our praise band) – I read nothing – I only saw the pic and laughed and laughed and chortled and chuckled and did I say laugh? But also, I’ve known my hubby (electric guitar guy) since I was 15 – and the guitar does make you way cooler…=)…but seriously, thank you for the pic…thank you and thank you. ROFL.

  20. Would it be possible to get a half power switch for the D13 if you ended up keeping it? That sounds like a helpful feature on the Holland.

  21. Jen–haha Glad I could be of help! lol Ya, that’s what us guitarists look like when you take away the guitar. hehe :)

    Jonathan–that’s a great idea. I had my tech put in the half power switch on the Holland and he did a fantastic job. But I’d need that and a master volume put in on the Divided by 13. So I’m thinking I’m going to try out the Ho attenuator, as getting one would be slightly cheaper than having both mods done on the amp. But if the attenuator sounds terrible, I’ll definitely get the mods done. :) Great comment!

  22. Karl,

    Be very carefull with that Ho Attenuator. I researched the heck out of that thing and decided against it. Something pretty rare for me. :)

    Some guys think highly of it (If you believe everything that you read on the internet.) and others…well…it toasted their amps (If you believe everything that you read on the internet.). It attenuates your signal and then utilizes a transisitor amp (In very lay men terms.) to return volume (If that makes sense.).

    Something similar to what VanHalen did in the eighties if I’m not mistaken. It may be the greatest thing since sliced bread. It sure sounds like it in the vids that I saw.

    But….I like my amps and it took me a long time to find ones that I liked and…I’ve seen amps smoke before. It’s not a good thing and it smells.

    I can’t believe that I just wrote that. Me talking down a piece of gear that I haven’t owned (I laugh at those people who talk about Klon’s and never owned one on “The Gear Page” forum). Do you know something about the Ho (Hey! It’s what it’s called.) that would change my opinion on the thing? Will I also have to buy one?

  23. Karl they are both great sounding amps ! im on the east cost and wonder where i could play one ? weve got guitar world here but ive never seen these amps here . and tell me what the holland cost you and the divide 13 ????? how much blast you making me rethink my rig ! lol i too need another post let them both breath a little kapisch . waiting patiently here in the great white north !!!!!!!!!

  24. Aww man, I rushed all the way down here to say that riff in video C was The Fly but James beat me. I can’t see your hands but my ear says you’re playing it in F#m, right? That’s one of the live versions they did where Bono does one of his famous “talking intros”. The original album version (and most other live versions) are in C#m… yeah… played that at my senior recital… *ahem* anyway.

    Just wondering.. do you possibly have an SM57 and/or recording interface for your computer? I have a strong personal bias towards any amp that has “AC” in the name and that’s where I’m leaning so far.

    But everything is so compressed because of the YouTubian nature of the demos (not criticizing, just stating… ahhh, the harsh realities of Youtube..) I can’t really form an opinion one way or the other. Any chance you can close mic these suckers?

    Other off-topic question, have you got to try the Vox Time Machine or the Behringer VM1 (try and ignore it’s made by Behringer for a minute) yet? I wanted to get the opinion of a fellow delay enthusiast.. hehe.

  25. Mark–great advice, bro. That’s actually exactly why I’ve never had an attenuator in the past. However, my newest research looks like it only blows people’s amps when they absolutely crank them; i.e., their amps are blowing because of the ‘cranked-ness’, not the attenuator. It’s just that they’re never been able to have the gain on a 200 watt Hi-watt all the way up before. lol But you bring up a great point, and I’m still wary…we’ll see…

    Craig–Um, I have no idea about where to find Divided by 13’s on the east coast…although I’m sure there are boutique shops out that way. Best thing to do is ask on Gear Page…someone’ll know. As for Hollands, Mike Holland stop making them about 7 years ago, so there’s almost nowhere to try them out. They’re pretty rare nowadays. But to buy this stuff…Gear Page. hehe You just can’t try them out. You gotta buy and sell, buy and sell…lol :) That’s where the fun is!

    Travis–haha Massive props to you, too! And yes, it’s from Live at Boston on the Elevation Tour…and yes, it’s in F#m. That intro just breathed such life and beauty into that song. And the tone on it continually haunts me.

    And yes, I do have some actual recording capabilities. However, I find that so many people on youtube have just used the camera mic, that I want everyone to be able to compare the tones I’m getting with the other videos on an even playing field. Because whenever I see a demo that’s used actual recording techniques, I can’t demo that video against most of the others, if that makes any sense. :)

    Haven’t tried any delays for awhile to be honest. For one, I’ve been really happy with the Timeline. And for another, I’m incredibly nuts about my dry signal. And I’ve yet to find another digital delay that fits my needs that also keeps the dry signal untouched and analog. :) But the Behringer and actually the new Digitech have at least peaked my interest enough to listen to some clips! hehe Have you tried them?

  26. New Digitech delay, eh? I haven’t heard about that one. Because of a.. well.. I don’t want to say “bad” but let’s say “extremely disappointing” experience with a Digitech GNX4 (see also: Karl’s GT8) I probably won’t be touching any Digitech stuff for awhile… *cough* otherthantheWhammyIjustboughtonEbay*cough*
    What’s the story on that?

    I’ve got both the Vox Time Machine and the Behringer VM1 (got the TM with trade and the Behringer was hard to ignore for the price… 70 dollars for an analog delay with chorus and vibrato? yes please). I’m really impressed with the Vox.. I like to keep everything analog if I can but Tap Tempo is too useful to ignore in a live setting and as far as I know it can’t be done analog. But anyway the TM doesn’t seem to affect my dry signal at all (unless I’ve got it in one of the modes that affects your dry signal on purpose to simulate an old tape unit).

    The Behringer I can’t really say yet cause I’ve only run it through my crummy Peavey practice amp. It pretty intentionally does stuff to your dry signal though. It’s definitely got it’s own character… probably won’t go on my board but will be used a lot for recording. Maybe I’ll slap together a demo or two myself if I get my Traynor amp back from the band practice space sometime.

    …..yeah I like babbling about gear….

  27. DB13 has a much rounder tone the Holland. The DB13 sounds much more balanced across the frequency spectrum, whereas the Holland is flirting with that AC30 glassy/harsh line…

  28. What a great discussion…I think!

    I just ordered a new amp…Mesa Express 5:25 with a 12″…looking forward to it…but then you play the Divided by 13…oh well. can’t have everything at once.

    were you using any pedals when you were doing the videos?

    Just curious…I’m going to listen again for my official vote…whatever that’s worth. I like the 13 up front…but more feedback later!


  29. Travis–yes, tap tempo is incredibly useful! The Diamond Memory Lane will do tap tempo and is all analog, but with my himble opinion, the delay time is too short, and the pedal sounds too warm (a good thing) to do all the rhythmic stuff. I agree that digital delays are necessary, too.

    And ya, I’ve been hearing good stuff about that Behringer delay. I may have to check it out! :)

    And babbling about gear is always welcome over here! 😉

    Jeff–lol 😉 I was wondering when you were going to show up. Although you may be a little biased. 😉 But after playing with it live, this weekend, I must agree that there really are magic tone fairies or something in those Divided by 13 amps. Really, really enjoying it. And I think your 9/15 is one of the coolest amp ideas ever. That is still what you’re playing, right?

    Robin–congrats on the Mesa! Very curious to hear how you like it. :) And ya, I’m also leaning towards the Divided by 13.

    And as for pedals, there was a touch of very low mix delay on (Timeline), and that was it. Well, except for the times when there’s obvious delay on. That was just a different setting on the Timeline.

  30. alot of bank ($$) for that divided…I HAD a Carr Mercury…I love it but I like an efx loop…I was always playing around with the front end…so I sold it. I would have loved to keep it…but it is so specialized…so, on to another amp. I also had a marshall tsl…but it was 100 watts…even on a BIG stage/auditorium, I couldn’t turn it up past 2. So, my son (bass player) and I did some research and I played with the smaller Mesa…I should get it next week. I will fill you in!

    You like the Timeline? I’m using a Line 6 DL and the MAGNIFICENT MXR Carbon copy.

    well…back to the “mom’s day” festivities! Keep blogging…yours in quickly becoming my “secret”, non-pastoral, quasi-theological, pseudo-academic favorite! Only place I can go for some good guitar “Fixes” and ideas!


  31. I’m glad you’re enjoying the D13. I’ve always liked your recorded tones but I didn’t hear a huge difference from watching the videos (darn youtube compression) to vote for one or the other. So what pedals are going to be left on your board?

  32. Robin–thanks, brother! :) I’ve heard great things about Carr; only been able to plug in once, and it sounded really good. I love hearing amp history’s! hehe And yes, I am enjoying the Timeline quite thoroughly right now. Very long honeymoon period, which means they’re probably keepers. lol

    Dan–ya, it’s always so funny; when I hear the videos back just on Quick Time, I’m like, ‘Whoa, lots of compression.’ Then hearing them after uploading to youtube……yikes!! hehe

    But…I’m really not sure what’s going to be left on the board. With the D13’s four channels, I’m going to experiment with an ABCD box and try to go without any drive pedals (except fuzz and maybe a boost); which is something I’ve been thinking about for a while. So right now I’ve got the Mosferatu, Varidrive, Fatboost, Foxey Fuzz, and RV3 up for grabs over at HC and GearPage. If worse comes to worse, I might end up selling the phase and the trem, but I’m about 90% sure I’m going to sell both Hollands, so I’m hoping to make up the cash for the D13 that way.

    lol And last month I thought my rig was set in stone. When will I learn. 😉

  33. i own the d13 rsa23 and as much as that holland sounds amazing, i have to give it to the d13. it’s still chimey which you clearly like. there is the definite transparency of notes but also a richness that the holland slightly, very slightly misses. anyway, you have been such a great guy to find. im so enjoying learning form you you have no idea. god, tonight i had a temper tantrum at practice b/c my tone as just off. couldn’t get anything nailed. i just had to leave b/c it was obviously nit my day. its nice coming home to your posts cause it keeps it all in perspective. good luck friend!

  34. I agree. That 23 is a killer amp, and the one I ended up keeping…well, for the time being. Tone is a cruel mistress. hehe Great to meet you, glad you’re diggin’ the blog, and looking forward to some tone conversations! :)

  35. Ya, it does. Anything the speaker is vibrating in makes a difference, in my humble opinion. The only place it doesn’t is the wood a head cab is made out of. :)

  36. Ok so what is good for a matchless spitfire 15 watt combo amp? I’m going to build the box and stain the wood so it’s a woodgrain combo amp. I just want to get the right kind of wood for good harmonics and nice tone.

  37. haha No, totally! There are wood rules. Birch is warmer and clearer and a great fit for EL84 amps like the Spitfire. Pine is bigger and more open, and a great fit for more bluesy, 6L6-based amps.

  38. Nice! I don’t know about the depth and stuff. There’s a whole science that goes into that, and I am not very well-versed in it. Standard is 3/4″ thick, though. That’s what my cab is, and I’m diggin’ it for the time being. hehe

  39. I just picked up a D13 CJ11 (sight unseen/unplayed) and WOW… does it have some amazing tones coming out of it. It has that sparkle that the 23 had in your video in spades. GREAT amps, good choice you made!

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