Here’s some of my views on worship from a message I gave, as I get asked a lot what my exact views on worship are. Please feel free to completely disagree. :)


24 thoughts on “Worship

  1. Hahahaha! I too am an Office addict (although the last two seasons……well…..sucked.) and as soon as you said “So do any of you watch the Office?” I knew EXACTLY what clip you were going to pull up. How sad is that? lol

    Anyway Karl I wanna thank you for this awesome and inspiring lecture. I will be sharing it with my worship pastor post-haste. 😀

  2. Andrew–no worries! Glad it could be encouraging. :) And it’s so nice to find someone else who agrees on these last 2 Office seasons! haha

    And you…that delay is from my former church’s ‘awesome’ acoustics. hehehe

  3. Hey Karl, I need some advice…And no…it doesn’t have to do with the addition of another delay pedal to my board. However…that Strymon delay….oh nevermind!!!

    My church has been going through a p/w transformation over the last several months. Instead of hiring a paid worship pastor to replace the dude who left right before Easter, the church leadership put together a volunteer p/w leadership team of which I’m a part. They put me in charge of scheduling, staffing and practices. And yes…I’ve aged 2 years in the last 6 months.

    Anyhow…the congregation is growing in a major way and the amount of people volunteering to join p/w has started to make it difficult to schedule tryouts and worship staff meetings. I know…that’s a good thing…right?.

    Well, one of my team members brought up that in the Christian college he attended, the p/w leadership would hold clinics a couple times a year. He said that it worked out really well. Present team members and those interested in joining would attend a clinic focused on their primary instrument whether it be guitar, bass, keyboards (God forbid), or vocals…etc. The desire of leadership was to use these clinics as a method of structuring the training, spiritual growth and the overall biblical philosophy of the worship program at the school. Oh…and blastin’ on other peoples cool gear. 😉

    Well…leadership wants to do this. And…they want me to do the clinic on electric/acoustic/bass guitar in worship. I will be honest…I’m at a loss. I can talk gear and tone all day (and half the night.). But the rest…I don’t know. Do you know of any informational sources available to help a brother out? I listened to your videos on worship and could see…uh…stealing some of your thoughts ;). But the whole structuring of the clinic is…well…. a bit overwhelming. HELP!!!

    PS: I just want you to know, that your blog has been paramount in ensuring my sanity from the stress of working with musicians in a worship environment. Some of your satirical articles should be required reading for anyone involved in worship. I’m serious!

  4. Thanks, brother! And stoked on how you’re serving your church, and the growth! So awesome.

    Please, feel free to steal any thoughts you like. As far as structuring, one of my favorite ways to do clinics is to talk through my gear, and use it as a springboard for talking about everything else. A fuzz can be a nice transition into Hendrix and feeling the music. A delay can be a great transition into playing minimalistically. A good amp that cuts through the mix well so you can play less can be a good example of humility. Usually if I just talk through my gear, I find I end up hitting every point I wanted to.

    Another way is to take a song and talk through the different parts, segging every once in a while into worship philosophy.

    I hope that helps a bit! I’ll be prayin’ for ya!!

  5. Hey Karl,
    Not sure if you’ve covered this already … what type of music are you playing/singing when you are leading worship? covers (and which predominantly) or originals?


  6. All covers. I have very somewhat different views on original songs in worship services…probably something that would be good to discuss in a post! I’d love to know what everyone else is doing.

    For the most part, a lot of the usual: Tomlin, Wickham (dropped, like, an octave…hehe), Hillsong, and Tim Hughes. Some Matt Redman, Charlie Hall, Joel Engle, etc. And a lot of oldies…stuff from Delirious, or even Sonic Flood, because a lot of people really seem to enjoy worshiping to that stuff.

    Not a lot of Crowder because for whatever reason, in the areas I lead at, his stuff just doesn’t seem to go over so well. And not a lot of Fee or Brewster just because, well…let’s just say personal preference. 😉

    And we’ll do some random ones too from folks that maybe have only written one or two worshipful songs on their albums. I try to look for good-sounding music, singable melodies, and most importantly lyrical content that is more God-focused than me-focused and that isn’t laced with a lot of high-brow religious words that may not necessarily even be Biblical. (Or, more commonly, are Biblical, but from some obscure passage that needs a lot of exposition for people to understand what they’re singing.) Which sometimes leaves options thin, so we’ll need to look outside the classic worship bands for songs. And we’ve found some great ones in Aaron Shust, or Joel Engle, or some of those folks. :)

    And this is all just for me personally. Others probably do it way differently, and it totally works for them and their church! :)

  7. Thanks Karl. I would love to know what your view is on original songs. Not sound too demanding … but definitely a post in itself is in order here 😉

    We pretty much do the same covers as you do … although I am not really a big fan of Hillsong nowadays … they have good songs here and there :)

  8. I’m the same way about Hillsong. Here and there, but not all their songs.

    And I’m definitely mulling over a post on song-writing in worship, but I’m trying to figure out a way to do it tastefully. haha

  9. Hi
    I just wondered if you have any issues with the timeline when using it with the midi mate? My valves sort of go a dim yellow and it fails to change patches after a while? If I unplug it, it works again so maybe it’s a crash or just my limited understanding of the midi mate? I followed your tutorial which was great!
    Atb Jon

  10. Hey Karl, I really enjoy your blog and this sermon was great (I generally don’t like sermons, so that’s saying something!) Do you happen to have sermon notes from this that you could send me, perhaps?

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