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  2. How about contemporary versions of hymns like shawn did? Have you listened to page cxvi? They have a series of hymns CDs that are amazing, their version of how great thou art blows me away. Also ascend the hill’s hymns cd has some great versions of older hymns.

    I could imagine some possible backlash for changing the way the hymns sound from the old school congregation though…..

  3. I have played bass for multiple churches for about 5 years now. My current church has a nice drum set and several drummers. The drums are set dead center stage, behind the pulpet. For some reason people wont explain (having to do with “something” in the past), none of the worship leaders will have a drummer play the set. They can play other percussion, but not the actual drum set.

    Any advice on how to address this?

  4. Up this morning finishing up a Trainwreck Express clone for a friend of mine and ran across your speaker shootout, impressive playing! Just had to ask, what do you think of the Jensen Blackbird? I’m planning on building a 1×12 cab to match the amp and looking towards the Blackbird, comments?


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